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Featured Jobs

Experienced Sales Agents - Montego Bay
Coconut Drive, Montego Bay N/A (per year)

Latest BPO Jobs in Jamaica

Inbound Call Center Sales Expert
Montego Bay Freezone N/A (per month)
Loss Prevention and Security Coordinator
Annotto Bay N/A (per year)
IT Specialist
Annotto Bay N/A (per year)
Human Resource Coordinator - MBJ
Montego Bay N/A (per year)
Accounting Assistant
Montego Bay N/A (per year)
Trainer-Montego Bay
Montego Bay N/A (per month)
Technical Support/Customer Service-Kingston
New Kingston N/A (per month)
US Human Resource Coordinator-MBJ
Montego Bay N/A (per month)
Quality Assurance Analyst-Montego Bay
Montego Bay N/A (per year)
Chat Agent-Montego Bay
Montego Bay N/A (per year)


BPO Jobs and the BPO Sector in Jamaica

Over the last decade, Jamaica has seen robust growth in the Business Process Outsourcing sector, with many English speaking companies choosing Jamaica as a hub for their customer contact and process outsourcing operations. It is estimated that, as at the end of 2018, there are as many as 25,000 people working in jobs BPO sector in Jamaica. 

Why is the Jamaican BPO sector growing and becoming a popular career choice for graduates and other workers in Jamaica? 
There are many reasons usually given for this, however the Jamaican government has been keen to support investment in the economy for some time, and this, combined with a well educated, well spoken, aspirational workforce, operating in the same time zone as many other English speaking countries, makes Jamaica the ideal base for BPO operations. 

In addition, some speculate that Jamaica's history in tourism means that there is a unique culture of customer service in Jamaica, and many experienced people who are keen to leave other industries to take up roles in the Jamaican BPO sector. 

The Jamaican BPO sector has an excellent record for training new entrants to the industry - often contact centre agents - and developing them into niche specialists and further supporting them as their careers grow. Many senor Managers in the Jamaican BPO sector started out as agents with no experience. 

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